A Spring Without Smell by Sameera Parvin


This Book “A Spring Without Smell” Based on a true experience of an expatriate Pakistani girl by Sameera Parvin is a book mentioned in the latest Novels of the Malayalam Author Benyamin (Who wrote one of the best seller named Aadujeevitham).  These books are written based on the Jasmine revolution in the Middle East. After reading the Book Mullappoo Nirmalulla Pakalukal (Sugandhamillatha Vasantham), I just had a search on web for the original book, but there was no mentions on the internet.


Later I came to know that  there are no such book in the real world, and it was just another novel Smile. You may be reached on this post just because you may searched to know more about the Sameera Pravin and her book A Spring Without Smell. If you are one of the person who did it after reading the Benyamin’s book, please leave a comment.

So if you are interested in these books you may get it from DC books.  They are twin novels –  (Al Arabian novel factory and Mullappoo Nirmalulla Pakalukal ) in this each are related to others in someway but they are independent too. You can read any one first as it will not affect the other.

Don’t forget to leave a comment. we would like to know how many people did the same as me and also leave your opinion about the novels.

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