Crusader Kings II is free on Steam till April 7th, and it is yours to keep forever

Crusader Kings II is free on Steam

Paradox Interactive’s Grand Strategy game, Crusader Kings II, is free on Steam for a limited time. The game has a steep learning curve, and will require many hours of trial and error, and/or research of YouTube learn to play videos.

I’d say what every CK 2 player will say, the easiest way to learn the game is by starting as Ireland in 1066. Though personally I do think Europa Universalis IV (another Paradox Grand Strategy) is the best way to get into these games, as it is much easier to learn.

Crusader Kings II was launched in 2012, is still getting new content after 6 years, which is amazing. The game does have over 2 dozen DLCs, yes you read that right. But you don’t need any of them to play, as the base game is enough to start playing. Almost every feature from all updates are available regardless of if you have the DLCs or not.

The only thing that DLCs add are regional content and relevant mechanics. For example, Swords of Islam unlocks Muslim rules, and introduces new gameplay mechanics related to them. Rajas of India adds Indian Kingdoms, religions, etc,

You can get Crusader Kings II for free on Steam, till April 7th. To add the game to your library, visit the Crusader Kings II page on your Steam client. Click on the install game option, don’t worry, you don’t need to download the game immediately. The game and it is yours to keep forever.

And you can also pick up each DLC for 50% off the regular price, should you want to.

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