New Commandos game hinted as Kalypso acquires all of Pyro Studios franchises

A new Commandos game could be in the works, because Kalypso Media has acquired all of Pyro Studios’ franchises. This includes all games in the Commandos, Praetorians and Imperial Glory series.

Kalypso is most famous for the Tropico series, which are real-time city management stragegy games, and the latest of which, Tropico 6, is set for a release later this year.

How are we so sure that a New Commandos game is hinted ? Well, an announcement post published on its official website has been captioned by the company as “Commandos returns”. What else could it possibly mean?

Let’s investigate further. Pyro Studios founder, Ignacio Pérez, says that he is also delighted to have handed over the games to the German company which has experience in rebooting well-known titles, Kalypso’s Founder, Simon Hellwig, says that the company is proud to add the franchises to their company, and that it  was their responsibility to want to revive and further develop these beloved games.

What does that mean? We think that “revive” possibly means that Kalypso could be making remastered version of Commandos and the other games.  “Further develop” can mean only one thing, a new Commandos game.

Though Kalypso says it now owns the publishing rights of games made by Pyros, as of writing this post, the games on Steam and GOG are still published by Merge Games. It is likely that they are finalizing the legal details of the IP acquisitions.

And since the announcement about the acquisition has just been made, there is no word yet, as to when any new game or remastered version will be released. We think it is safe to assume that any such news will only be available once Tropico 6 has been released.

It was only yesterday, that we posted about the Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive Update, where we mentioned it is a game which Commandos fans may like, and we were certainly pleased to hear about the latter making a return.

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