Play Hitman for free until July 31st, includes a permanent copy of Episode 3

Play Hitman for free Summer Pack

IO Interactive, the studio behind the popular assassin franchise, Hitman is offering a gift to all fans. You can play Hitman for free, till the end of the month.

Hitman is already available for free, so what’s this about? Well, Hitman consists of a total of 6 episodes + 1 bonus episode, and only the first episode is usually playable for free. But the game developers are giving away Episode 3 Marrakesh for free.

Play Hitman for free Episode 3

It includes the campaign mission, Escalation Contracts, 20 levels of location mastery and 120+ challenges!  That’s pretty sweet.

Play Hitman for free Marrakesh

How to Play Hitman for free?

It’s pretty simple. Just open the Steam client on your computer, and visit the official game page of Hitman. You will see an option there which reads, Play Hitman (Play Summer Pack). Click on the “Play Game” button to Play Hitman for free.

Play Hitman for free

If that doesn’t work, paste the following command in your browser:


This will open the Steam client on your PC, and add Episode 3 to your library. Even if it displays a failed message, it will still add the game to your library. This command will only work until July 31st (until the end of the promo).

Why is Episode 2 not free? It had been given away earlier, so you may already have it in your Steam library.

Do I have to download the game right now?

No, once you click the “Play Game” option (corresponding to the Play Summer Pack), you can Play Hitman for free anytime you want to.

Do I get Episode 3 for free permanently?

Yes, basically when you click the play game button, Steam ties the free license for the episode to your library. Each episode is an individual DLC (even though they are no longer sold separately). So, you will be able to play Episode 1 and 3 of Hitman for free permanently.

Why are they letting us Play Hitman for free including Episode 3?

Hitman 2 will be released soon and IO Interactive is promoting the upcoming game, by making a portion of its predecessor free. It’s like a free sample and they hope that new fans will buy the upcoming game, when it is released.

Well, they really need to sell episodes separately to allow fans to buy only the content they are missing.

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