How to block data collection in Kaspersky Internet Security

How to block data collection in Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is the best when it comes to computer security. That being said, just like other software Kasperksy’s products do collect some user data for research purposes. That sounds fair, but the average user does not know that the options are enabled by default. So, unless you manually know how to block data collection in Kaspersky Internet Security, the process will continue.

More specifically, the program collects details about you when you visit websites belonging to Kaspersky and its partners.

Why should you block data collection in Kaspersky Internet Security?

In regards to a recent update in the privacy policy, Kasperksy says that it collects domain names, IP addresses, network provider, browser types. website visited prior to accessing the company’s website, etc. This includes your activity on Kaspersky’s websites.

And that’s not all, Kaspersky will share the information that it collects with any Government or law enforcement agency, when requested. This may alarm some people, but thankfully you can reclaim your privacy quite easily.

How to block data collection in Kaspersky Internet Security:

1. Click on the Kaspersky icon on your desktop or the taskbar icon to open the application’s GUI.
2. There is a settings button (gear wheel icon) on the bottom left corner, click on that.
3. The Settings menu has two panes. Select the Protection tab in the left pane. This tab has a lot of toggles.
4. The fifth option here, is Private Browsing. Click on the name and you will be taken to the screen pictured above.
5. Private Browsing is enabled by default which is good to prevent websites from collecting your data, but you will see that “Allow data collection” is also enabled.
6. Click on the “Block data collection” option, don’t worry you can still set the application to block other websites from collecting data.
7. Uncheck the second option under the blocking category, which says:

“Allow Data collection on the websites of Kaspersky Lab and its partners”.

8. You can leave the other options alone if you don’t want to mess with the settings, and close the application’s interface.

That’s it, you have successfully blocked the program from collecting your data using the company’s websites.

Thank you Mohammad for the tip.

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