CloudFlare DNS with encryption launched, How to find best DNS server and How to use it

CloudFlare DNS with encryption launched, they claims it is faster than Open DNS and Google DNS. Here’s how to set it

CloudFlare launched new Open DNS service

What is DNS ?

DNS stands for Domain Name System, which translates the domain names to the corresponding IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. When you change the IP address of your web server it will take up to 24 hours to get updated on the name servers around the world.

What is Cloud Flare DNS Addresses ?

CloudFlare DND IPs are so easy to remember like the Google DNS, we will add the CloudFlare, Google, Norton and Open DNS addresses below for your reference

CouldFlare – and

Google DNS – and

Open DNS (Owned by Cisco) – and

Norton DNS – and

How to check Which DNS is faster ?

To find the faster DND for you a simple portable utility, DNS benchmark tool is available for Free. Just download it, and run. Go to Nameservers tab, and click “Run Benchmark” wait for the process to complete and read Conclusions to decide.  The application already comes with a list of DNS servers and you can also add or remove DNS servers. When I tested with the application it sorted in the following order based on the speed (fastest first)

Open DNS




How to change DNS on your Android Phone ?

Go to Settings => WiFi

Long press on the connected WiFi net work and select Manage Network Settings



select “Show advanced options”

Change IP settings to Static

Change the DNS 1 and DNS 2 and click Save

change adnroid network to static ip

via Cloudflare Blog

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