2018 iPhone X Plus 6.5-inch dummy model photos leaked along with 6.1-inch variant

2018 iPhone X Plus

New leaked photos of the 2018 iPhone X Plus have emerged on Twitter. The pictures show the dummy models of the device.

There are two variants of the upcoming phone from Apple, as pictured above. Both versions have a notch display design, similar to the original iPhone X. We may be looking at a total of 4 iPhone variants this year, with 2 regular ones, and these iPhone X Plus models.

2018 iPhone X Plus leaked variants

The taller one on the left is the 2018 iPhone X Plus 6.5-inch variant. The other one is a 6.1-inch iPhone. According to some rumours, the smaller variant will be a more affordable one. That’s because it uses an LCD display panel.

2018 iPhone X Plus

The larger of the two, is the flagship 2018 iPhone X Plus variant, which will come with an OLED display. The dummy models pictured here, also suggest that the 6.1-inch variant will feature a single camera, while the other sports dual rear cameras which are placed vertically, on either side of an LED flash.

2018 iPhone X Plus

If you observe closely, the photos show that the LCD variant of the iPhone, has slightly thicker bezels around the display. But it could be a trick created by the lighting in the photo, which is of poor quality. There is however the lack of the home button on the devices, which we can take as a clear hint that the latest phones will use FaceID for security.

2018 iPhone X Plus

There is of course, no headphone jack on the 2018 iPhone X Plus. They only have a Lightning port, and dusal speaker grilles on the bottom.

2018 iPhone X Plus price leaks

Some 2018 iPhone X Plus price rumours indicate that Apple could be pricing the devices at about $700 or $800, while others says that it will be closer to the original one, at $999. Is that affordable ? We’ll leave that to you.

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