Jio 594 Rupees plan for 6 months of unlimited voice and data announced for JioPhone

Jio 594 Rupees plan

Jio has announced a new Monsoon Hungama offer, with the Jio 594 Rupees plan. This will give users 6 months of unlimited voice and data, but there is a catch.

This offer is only for JioPhone users. In fact, this plan is further limited as an exclusive for the JioPhone Exchange offer.

If you exchange a feature phone, which is in working condition, and deposit a sum of Rs. 501, you can buy a recharge worth Rs. 99. Yes, I know the maths is not correct, but it is what Jio has termed it as, the Jio 594 Rupees plan.

This plan is valid for 6 months, and users can get unlimited voice and data for that duration. That is basically a 168 days plan, where you get 90GB of data at the rate of 0.5GB per day for a total of 84GB. The other 6GB is a bonus. The Jio 594 Rupees plan also comes with a free data voucher worth 101 Rupees, though there are no details about the offer.

Is the Jio 594 Rupees plan worth it?

The Jio 594 Rupees plan is actually the same as the 99 Rupees plan, a fact which is mentioned on Jio’s website. You haveĀ  to make 6 x Rs. 99 recharges to get the full benefit of the offer. But is it worth it?

Let’s make a comparison of the existing monthly plans, each of which offer 28 days validity. You can get 14GB of data at 0.5GB/day with the Jio 99 Rupees plan, or 42GB with the 153 Rupees plan which offers 1.5GB per day, and 300 SMS/day. The plans offer unlimited voice calls too.

Let’s multiply each plans by 6 to compare:

6 x 99 Rs = 594 Rs for 84GB of data
6 x 153 Rs = 918 Rs for 252GB of data

This is important, because you can still get the JioPhone without exchanging your old feature phone and recharge on a monthly basis for Rs.99. The only extra you get with theĀ Jio 594 Rupees plan seems to be the extra 6GB, which I suspect is the voucher worth Rs. 101.

The other difference between the Jio 594 Rupees plan and the regular 99 Rupees plan seems to be the amount, which you agree to pay up front instead of paying every month.

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