Lenovo Z5 launch date set for June 5th in China, phone to have 95% screen to body ratio

Lenovo Z5 launch date

The Lenovo Z5 launch date has been set for June 5th. If you haven’t heard about it, well you should know that the phone will have a 95% screen to body ratio.

To gain some perspective, let’s see the ratio of the Apple iPhone X, it is 81.49%. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a screen to body ratio of 84.2%. The OnePlus 6 has an 83.81% ratio.

So, in comparison it looks like the Lenovo Z5 will be the phone to beat, with an incredibly thin nearly bezel-less design. There is a frame running on the 4 corners of the display, which could be the why the 5% is missing from the ratio number.

According to a leaked press render found by Android Pure, this is what the phone looks like. It appears that the Lenovo Z5 does not have a notch display, and there is no chin or forehead either. Where exactly will the selfie camera, the earpiece and the proximity sensors be?

Lenovo Z5 design

Under the display? Is that even possible? Perhaps the selfie camera, but we doubt that the other sensors are under the screen. There are already phones which have are available with an in-display fingerprint sensor, such as the Vivo X21. So, putting the other sensors below the screen is probably how future technology will proceed in terms of the design. That’s just our speculation.

This isn’t though, but it may sound unbelievable. The company says the Lenovo Z5 will have 4TB of storage, yes that is in units of Terabytes. The biggest amount of storage on phones that we have seen is 256GB, which in itself is excessive.

Lenovo Z5 4TB storage

It could be possible that the Lenovo Z5 may support microSD cards up to 4TB. But the marketing renders making the round do suggest that it is 4TB internal storage.

Lenovo Z5 launch date

Lenovo Z5 display

There is no word whether the phone will be available globally, but if the phone looks like this, we think the demand for the device will be high to ensure a worldwide availability. All we know for now is that the Lenovo Z5 launch date is June 5th, and the event will take place at 14:00 in China.

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