Microsoft releases Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome

Windows Defender Browser Protection extension

Rarely does a company care so much about its users, but Microsoft has gone ahead and released the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome. And as the name suggests, this is a security add-on which blocks phishing and malicious websites.

This extension is similar to Chrome’s built-in blocker, but works alongside it. Malicious links are often seen in mails, we recently reported about how to spot an Apple Store Phishing mail, so even if you click such links accidentally, Windows Defender Browser Protection will block it in Chrome. This is done in real-time by the extension, which checks the company’s blacklist, to block known malicious URLs.

When the extension blocks a website, you will see a message on a red warning screen, telling you that the web page which you are visiting is unsafe. You can go back to the previous page with a single click.The list which Microsoft maintains is updated constantly, to add new threats which will be blocked by Windows Defender.

You can download the Microsoft Windows Defender Browser Protection extension, from the Google Chrome store.

Many Windows Phone users were angry at Google for refusing to support Windows Phones, by not releasing Gmail, Chrome, or even YouTube for the other platform. And they blamed the company claiming this was done to make Android more successful.

But Microsoft has always been the opposite, the Redmond Company’s apps for Android are stellar. The Outlook Android app beats the Gmail app in every way, the Microsoft Launcher is good, the To-do app is excellent, well you get the idea. And by acknowledging the dominance of Google Chrome as the most used web browser on computers, and releasing the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for the Microsoft Edge rival, the company has shown its true quality. Kudos Microsoft!

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