Norton Safe Web extension for Microsoft Edge launched

Norton Safe Web extension for Microsoft Edge

Symantec has launched an add on for Microsoft Edge, called the Norton Safe Web extension. This may be familiar to you, if you have previously used the add-on in other browsers.

So, what is about anyway? Think of it like a virus blocker for your browser, in this case Microsoft Edge. The Norton Safe Web extension will block websites which are infected by malware, or are known to be indulged in online scams, etc.

That’s just about it. And it is quite useful to be honest. Not every link which we get in mails and IM apps, or even on social media are necessarily safe. Remember the Apple Store Phishing Scam email? This extension can be useful in such cases.

Norton Safe Web extension for Microsoft Edge

You can download the Norton Safe Web extension for free from the Microsoft Store. It requires Windows 10 version 15025.0 or above. Once installed, you will be prompted to enable it, because it needs some permissions. The addon’s icon will be visible next to the address bar, and indicates whether a website is safe (with a check mark). Unknown websites have a ? (question mark), and bad websites have a red X to indicate that it is a dangerous website.

Norton Safe Web extension for Microsoft Edge

Clicking on the icon displays the safety score of the website, as calculated by Norton Safe Web, which includes the count of the number of computer threats, identity threats, annoyance threats if any. You can also use it to report a website to Symatec for analysis.

Unlike some security addons, Norton Safe Web does not mark websites listed in search results. It only tells you whether a website is safe or not, when you visit the page.

You may want to check the addon’s settings if you want to disable the pre-enabled “anonymous usage and data sharing” option, from the extension’s icon > settings menu.

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