Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update rolling out to users in India

Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update rolling out to users in India 6

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update is rolling out to users in India. It’s about time, considering other Countries got the update a month ago. And here’s how to prepare your phone for installing the update.

1. Make sure your device is not rooted or modified.
2. Plug in the charger before updating, and connect to a solid Wi-Fi connection if you enabled the “download updates manually” option. Once the update has been downloaded, you will be notified about the same. Tap on the Later or Install Now or Overnight options, as required.
3. The Android 7.0 Nougat firmware which we were on before the update was, Baseband G930FXXU2DRAG with Build number NRD90M.G930FXXS2DRCG and the March 2018 Security Patch Level.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat

What’s new in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update?

Besides the usual Android 8 Oreo features like Autofill for password manager apps, there are a lot of improvements included in the update.

The version number of the Android Oreo Update is G930FXXU2EREM/G930F0DD2ERE2/G930FXXU2ERD6. The update is 1377.37 MB or about 1.3GB in size. The Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S7 brings the Samsung Experience 9.0 interface.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update rolling out to users in India

Quick Panel:

You can now manage Notifications for each app based on the category, but it only works with selected apps. If your notification panel is full, you will see icons on the bottom of the panel for apps that aren’t visible.

Home Screen:

You can now use app shortcuts directly from the homescreen, by long pressing an app’s icon. The shortcuts also display notification badges to indicate the unread count number. If you clear the notification panel, the badge counter will be cleared too.

Samsung Keyboard:

The keyboard has a new send GIF option, and a toolbar for quick access to some functions. There are also some high-contrast themes available.

System Performance:

Background services have been limited to improve performance and the battery life, and you will see the currently running apps (which use a background service) on the notification panel.

Lock Screen:

There are new clock styles for the Lock screen, and the Always On Display. You can also choose the transparency level of notifications to be displayed on the lockscreen.

Smart View:

The Galaxy S7 screen will go dark, when you are mirroring the display to another screen.

Samsung Account:

A notification panel prompt lets you opt-in to the Samsung account where you can choose the settings, and read more about the privacy terms and conditions.

Samsung Cloud:

You can store files, photos and notes on the cloud, and manage them from your device, including options to manage backups.

Find My Mobile:

The option is available from the About Phone screen, and lets you backup the secure folder remotely to the cloud if your phone is lost. You can also lock the Samsung Pass from this screen.

Misc improvements:

  • Bluetooth can now be used to play high-quality audio codecs like AAC and Sony LDAC.
  • Video Player has an auto repeat setting and a 2X speed option.
  • The new Voice Recorder can block calls during an on-going recording.
  • The Email app can be used to flag Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Samsung Health displays a constant notification to show your step count.
  • The Clock app supports landscape mode and timer sound options
  • You can access the clock app, when you tap the digital clock widget.
  • Samsung Pass now lets you manage usernames and passwords in third-party apps.

About Phone:

You can now see your phone number, device model number, serial number, and the IMEI number of both SIM card slots from the Galaxy S7 About Phone screen, post the Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update.

The phone will reboot to an Android screen. After the phone installs the update, it will reboot and you will see the Android is Upgrading screen, when the update process is complete. Let it finish and your phone will be ready to use. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes. So be patient, and keep the device plugged in.

You will see notifications from the device, which tell you about the new features in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update.

Which Android version is the Galaxy S7 Oreo Update based on?

The Android version is Android 8.0.0 Oreo, with the April 2018 security patch.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update Version

Does the Galaxy S7 Oreo Update have Face Unlock?

No, and considering that the Galaxy S8, Note 8 and S9 devices have an Iris Scanner as their selling point, there is no chance that Samsung will enable Face Unlock on the Galaxy S7.

If you haven’t gotten the Samsung Galaxy S7 Oreo Update yet, go to Settings > Software Info > Software Update, and check manually for the OTA update.

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