Skype classic version will stop working on September 1, users will need to upgrade to version 8

Skype Classic Version

Microsoft has officially announced that the Skype classic version will stop working from September 1. The version which is being shut down, is version 7.

So, what happens next? It’s simple, you will need to update to v8 of the VOIP service’s application, and you can continue using it for free. You can check which version of the program you have just by looking at the interface.

If your Skype looks like the one above, it is the Skype classic version. You can also verify this by clicking on Help > About which displays the version number. The last Skype classic version is v

If you are on it, you will have to update to version 8, which can be downloaded from the official website. You don’t have to upgrade to Windows 10 to use the application. Skype version 8 works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

What’s the difference between the classic version and the modern one?

The interface is the most common factor, and in fact it’s the exact same as the Windows 10 app. Besides that, there are some important improvements. The new version allows you to share files up to 300MB in size at a time, using drag and drop, and these aren’t limited to photos or videos.

Skype Classic Version replacement

There is a built in gallery, using which you can find links, files, and photos which were sent/received in conversations.The new Skype has an @mentions feature, using which you can mention a specific person’s username in a group chat to notify them.

And you can video chat with up to 24 people on a single call, regardless of which device they are using for Skype. The application supports HD videos and 1080p too. You can also enable screensharing to share your screen with friends.

Skype Classic Version replacement app

Skype says it is already rolling out the latest update for Skype Classic Version users, but like we mentioned earlier, you can always get the new version yourself, and install it over the current version.

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