Spotify free users can skip unlimited tracks, listen to 15 playlists, use data saver mode and more

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Music streaming giant, Spotify, announced some major changes for free users. And they are all really good, and finally Spotify free users can skip unlimited tracks.

Of the 157 million monthly active users on Spotify, 90 million of those are free users. Though the maths doesn’t add up, Spotify says 71 million were subscribers, i.e., paid users, as of Dec 31st, 2017. There are over 2 billion playlists on Spotify, and over 35 million songs.

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Prior to this announcement, Spotify free users were not only burdened with ads, they could not skip tracks for free. They also had limited number of playlists.

That is exactly what the Spotify for free event was about. Spotify acknowledged the fact that the company had only been focusing on the premium users, with the free tier features being the same as they were 4 years ago, in 2014.

Using the new Pick and Play feature in Spotify, free users can skip unlimited tracks, and the playlist count has been upgraded to 15. So, you can play songs in whatever order you like or skip tracks just like that. Creating playlists is simple as naming the list, selecting tracks and adding them, and Spotify will recommend songs similar to the ones you added.

You can also “Make Spotify Yours” by telling the app which songs or artists you like or don’t like (hide) to get more or fewer recommendations in the music discovery.

Spotify is available in 65 markets today, but sadly India is not one of those. But Spotify could be coming soon to India, here’s why.

The company announced a new Data Saver mode for mobile users, which when enabled will use less mobile data to stream music. This sounds like a feature which could be useful for markets like India, where data is not unlimited (though Jio has improved the situation).

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The company’s CEO, Daniel Ekhas, has already confirmed that Spotify is looking to launch in the Country. In fact it is the only big name missing in India, with the likes of Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Muisc Gaana, JioMusic, Saavn, and Wynk already boasting millions of users.

The company is betting that by giving more for Spotify free users, it will convince them to switch to Premium.

The new Spotify for free features will be rolled out to all users globally in the coming weeks. “All users globally” probably means the existing user market, and not necessarily a global launch, but you never know.

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