Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update issues results in the company locking subforums to prevent new topics

Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update issues

What do you do when a phone gets updated to the latest version of Android? Lock down the subforums of the device on the company’s official support page? That is exactly what happened because of the Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update issues.

The complaints from users are related to the K8 Note with the model number XT1902. In what appears to be a move to prevent users from posting new topics about issues after the update, Lenovo has locked the K8 Note subforum. A new topic created by an admin named Andy claims that this was done because it is a time consuming task for the moderators of the forums when duplicate threads are made about specific topics.

Duplicate topics are a problem on every forum, but nobody locks the subforums to solve it. In fact, doing so will only drive users away.

The admin on the Lenovo portal, seems to have edited each and every post which users have shared, so they may not contain what the user actually shared. And many posts which the staff considered “off topic”, have been struck through.

So in order to¬† help the people who have issues with the update and to “keep things clean”, the subforum is locked from creating new threads, and all posts which complain about this are being moved to one topic.

Here are some of the Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update issues which users have reported at the forums:

1. Camera lags
2. No notification light
3. Heating up
4. Lags during regular usage
5. Slow charging
6. Battery Drain
7. Low Volume

That being said, it looks like there are multiple threads regarding Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update issues, like the charging time, boot loop, overheating, etc., on the forums. None of these have an acknowledgement from Lenovo to confirm the problems even exist.

What makes it worse is the fact that many threads are marked as solved by the forum staff, who have posted generic solutions, which actually have not solved the issues. In fact, there are so many issues, that it makes us wonder whether Lenovo even tested the update before rolling it out.

Regardless of the number of issues, the more concerning part is the way the company is handling them. Customer support and community forums should be helpful in resolving issues.

Editing user posts, locking down the subforums to prevent users from posting new issues (thus blocking honest feedback), and marking threads as solved to give a false impression that no issues exist, are really shady ways for any company, let alone an established one like Lenovo.

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