OnePlus 6 press render leak reveals the front panel, let’s compare it with previous leaks

OnePlus 6 press render

A new OnePlus 6 press render has been leaked on Weibo, and it reveals the front panel design. But it looks very different from previously leaked images.

So, let’s compare them and see the differences. This is the OnePlus 6 notch design, which was leaked by The Verge.oneplus 6 notch comparison

And this is the notch teaser from OnePlus’ official forums, shared by Pete Lau.OnePlus 6 Notch

Let’s combine the leaked pictures. The design appears to line up perfectly, leaving no doubt that both leaks feature the same phone.oneplus 6 notch comparison 3

oneplus 6 notch comparison 2

Now, let’s include the top bezel from the new leak from Weibo featuring DxOMark (first reported by GSMArena), and compare that. You can clearly see the bezel thins out towards the corners, i.e., from the notch and to the sides.oneplus 6 notch comparison 4This looks odd, and raises the question, which design is legit? Also, this design if true, will make disabling the notch more difficult, due to the uneven size,

The notch’s design in the new leak does match the previous ones, with the earpiece and the selfie lens in the exact same positions. The LED notification light is not shown in the DxOMark render though, probably for a cleaner advertisement.

That being said, the OnePlus 6 does seem to be impressive, though the disproportionate chin (bottom bezels) gives it a rather quirky look. The power button is on the right side, while the alert slider and volume rocker keys are on the opposite edge. The placement of the power button is further down the frame in the new leaked picture, than in the one which The Verge outed.

The three question marks on the DxOMark logo suggest that the OnePlus 6 is being reviewed. And why would a camera benchmark and rating service carry a render for the OnePlus 6, and feature the front panel? Is it their way to say the selfie lens  is great? We’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

The words “See you Soon” suggest that the OnePlus launch is imminent, and considering the number of leaks we have been reporting for the past few weeks, it certainly does appear so.

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