Pixel 3 XL leaked photo reveals notch display, chin, headphone jack and single camera

Pixel 3 XL leaked photo

A new Google Pixel 3 XL leaked photo notch display has given us the first clear look at the upcoming device. The  image also reveals some interesting design changes.

Let’s talk about the display, it is obviously an 18:9 aspect ratio screen with nearly no bezels on the sides, or at least they are hidden by the case very well. But there is a notch at the top with the selfie lens and ambient light/proximity sensors and the ear-piece giving it a weird robot eyes and mouth look.

There is a chin, and a very big one at that. And it houses a front-facing speaker. Why Google went with the notch display and a chin, is beyond me. It totally defeats the point of giving the user more screen space. Look at the design closely, the speaker is nearly on the edge of the chin, so what’s up with the rest of the space being wasted?

The Pixel 3 XL leaked photo courtesy Ice Universe, shows the device has rounded corners, the bottom has kind of chamfered corners, which almost looks like the chin is covering a part of the display.

But there is something to cheer about, because it appears that there may be a headphone jack on the top right corner of the phone, as is evidenced by the presence of the port hole in the case seen in the leaked photo. So much for abandoning the beloved audio port, eh? Let’s not jinx it, we are cool with the return of the jack.

The power and volume rocker keys are on the right edge of the device, and the USB port right on the center of the bottom. The large hole in the case is without a doubt where the fingerprint sensor will be placed on the back panel.

Google Pixel 3 XL will have a single camera, seen by the sensor holes in the Pixel 3 XL leaked photo. Well, we are not sure what magic the company will pull, but considering that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are still some of the best camera phones around, despite having a single camera, we think there might be a good reason, and there better be.

Because, for a phone which is expected to be launched in late 2018, there should be no reason not to include a secondary camera for optical zoom, depth sensor, etc, especially if the pricing remains similar to $1000 mark.

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