Ez-Flash Omega Unboxing and overview

Ez-Flash Omega Unboxing

Here is our Ez-Flash Omega Unboxing and overview of the Game Boy Advance flash cart. Before we go further, I would like to mention that this is a unit which we bought from eBay. This is not sponsored by Ez-Flash.

That is the Ez-Flash Omega box, with the company’s logo and the product symbol on it. You can see that the flash cart supports Micro SDHC (high capacity cards), and will work with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance,  Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS Lite.

Ez-Flash Omega Unboxing

This is the back of the box, and it shows the two cases which are inside the package. And here’s the flashcart along with DS Lite case, which you can install on the flash cart.

Now that we are done with the Ez-Flash Omega Unboxing. Let’s take a closer look at the Ez-Flash Omega itself.

The flash cart has a good build, even though the design looks plastic-y, it is quite solid. The only problem we found with the flash cart, is that it is a very tight fit.

You can use any microSD card with the Ez-Flash Omega. We used a Samsung Evo 32GB Class 10 SD Card. Before you can use the flash cart, you need to install a firmware on the memory card.

You can download the firmware from the official Ezflash website. Connect the SD card to your computer using a USB card reader (or whatever device you have). Download the firmware ZIP and extract the bin file to the main folder of the SD card. Optionally, you can download the the cheat library and thumbnails pack too if you need them, and place them in their own folders.

Create a folder for your Game Boy Advance games (for e.g. /GBA), and copy your game roms in to the folder. The rom files need to be in the .gba format, and not in the ZIP format.

Insert the SD card in the Ez-Flash Omega’s card slot on the right edge (like in the pic), and secure it in place.

Now, you can plug the Ez-Flash Omega to your Game Boy Advance. Power on the handheld, and hold the R button down to boot to the Ez-Flash firmware flasher mode.

Ez-Flash Omega Gameboy Advance

(the above picture is to show which side to plug into the GBA, make sure the cart sits flush in your console).

You should see the Ez-Flash logo on the screen while the cart loads. You can install the firmware from the flash mode.

Ez-Flash Omega Firmware Install

Once you have done that, power off the device, and turn it back on. You should now see a screen like this.

Ez-Flash Omega sd card screen

Use the L and R keys to switch between the tabs. To open a folder, highlight it using the D-pad and then the A button. To go back use the B key.

Ez-Flash Omega Games screen

To open a game, select it and press A, and the game should start. The Ez-Flash Omega loads games instantly, and has auto saving too.

Ez-Flash Omega saves

This is the first card from Ez-Flash which supports RTC for games like Pokemon.

Ez-Flash Omega Gameplay

The Ez-Flash Omega costs $59.99 and is available from a lot of official sellers, the list of which you can find on the official website.

However, we bought the Ez-Flash Omega for $48 from eBay dealer, iPart-Market. It took 17 days for the package to arrive at my doorstep in India. And the seller did include the correct DS Lite case in the box.

Hope you enjoyed reading our Ez-Flash Omega Unboxing. The Ez-Flash Omega seems to be the perfect replacement for the EverDrive which costs $100.


The Ez Flash Omega has a few issues. The flash cart keeps freezing randomly (tested on a GBA SP and a modded original GBA). The issue occurs after about half an hour of gameplay, so save often. The Omega saves fine on my SP, though I have heard that some models of the console do not save on to the flash cart.

Currently, I find it difficult to recommend the Ez-Flash Omega. We will update this post when the company addresses these issues.

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