Free alternatives for Xmarks Bookmark Sync

Xmarks Bookmark Sync

If you are looking for free alternatives for Xmarks Bookmark Sync, you probably know that the service will shut down on May 1st, 2018. Technically, this is the second time Xmarks is dying (more on this on paragraph 3).

The announcement of the shut down comes from LastPass, which has sent an email to all Xmarks users informing them of the same. This is terrible news because, Xmarks was unique in the way that it synced bookmarks across different browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, making it a cross platform service, just like LastPass. No other service allows you to access your bookmarks on the web.

Xmarks debuted as Foxmarks in 2006, and was rebranded in 2009 as Xmarks. But only a year later (in 2010), the company announced that Xmarks is dead, and it was followed by a lot of user support to raise funding for the service to continue. But soon after that, LastPass announced that it had acquired Xmarks (also in 2010). Fast forward a few years, and LogMeIn acquired LastPass along with Xmarks in 2015. So much for LogMeIn’s promise of continuing support for Xmarks, right?

Xmarks will remain active until May 1st, 2018, so you can continue using it till then. You can still access the bookmarks in any browser where you previously used Xmarks, but the sync function will not work. Beyond that date, your account will be deactivated.

Free alternatives for Xmarks Bookmark Sync:

Firefox Sync Xmarks Alternative

If you use Firefox, Edge, Chrome or Safari, you may be aware that all of these browsers have a built-in bookmark sync (and also your browser settings, add-ons, etc). These solutions work across devices such as Android and iOS, which means you can use these built-in services on your phone or tablet too. And because all of these browser sync solutions are available for free, that makes them direct competitors for Xmarks, which is not exactly an economically viable solution. Xmarks even said so, in their original “Xmarks is dead” post from 2010.

We suggest readers to switch to the default sync service in your browser. This allows the bookmarks which have been synced (downloaded) from Xmarks, to be synced to your browser’s service.

If you want add-ons instead, there are some free alternatives for Xmarks include the following:

Everhelper Xmarks Alternative

Xbrowser Xmarks Alternative

  • xBrowserSync – Open source, Free, Chrome extension and Mobile App available (Firefox version in the works)
  • EverSync –  Free and Pro versions. Extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mobile App for Android and iOS.
  • – Free and Pro versions. Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, Desktop apps for macOS, Windows, and Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • GeekMarks – Open source, Free. Chrome extension.
  • Linkman – Desktop app for Windows , no add-on or  web app. Free and Pro versions.

Personally, I use Firefox Sync.

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