Notes is a note taking app with auto save, available for Windows, Linux and macOS

note taking app with auto save

Recently, while working on some notes for an article, I accidentally overwrote some important content. Undo and redo couldn’t save the lost data, which got me thinking why I wasn’t using Notes, a note taking app with auto save.

Why is this so important? Well, for starters Notes is a free app. You don’t have to pay a cent to use it. This makes it a perfect replacement for Notepad, the regular text editor, which is bundled with Windows.

Notepad is good for casual users, but is terrible if you are a serious writer. Why would a serious writer even consider using Notepad in the first place? That’s a good point, but I only usually use it for jotting down notes, especially during a launch event or something and quickly paste it to the blog’s drafts. That’s actually what I was using it for, when I overwrote some text.

Notes has a priceless feature, which you may consider quite trivial, unlimited undo and redo. Well, I am not sure if unlimited is the right word, but I have used it many times and never once have I not been able to recover the text which I may have over written. And I’m not talking about three or four words, I mean paragraphs and paragraphs.

This is its most important feature for me, but it’s definitely not the only one. The other reason because it is a note taking app with auto save. This is the reason why I rare Notes highly. If you are taking a class, or attending a lecture, or a seminar, or need to take notes quickly during an event, this is a life saver.

You can stop worrying about the computer crashing out of the blue, and losing your data. That won’t happen when you are using a note taking app with auto save.

There is a third-reason, and that is cross-platform support. Notes is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. So, you can use it on any of the operating systems.

note taking app with auto save

So, if you are looking for a free note taking app with auto save, I suggest you give Notes a try. Though it does not save or open text files, it does support a ton of commands including the regular copy and paste command, so you can always use it for editing and writing content without fear of losing your data.

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